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The Sales of First-hand Residential Properties Authority (SRPA) respects the right to personal data privacy and is committed to complying with requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (PD(P)O).

Kinds of Personal Data Held

  • Electronic Database - The SRPA is empowered, pursuant to the provisions in the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance (Cap. 621) (the Ordinance) to establish and maintain an electronic database of information and statistics on the residential property market in Hong Kong and on any development situated in Hong Kong (other than a development to which the Ordinance does not apply). The electronic database contains, among other things, the registers of transactions (the registers) provided by vendors of first-hand residential properties regulated under the Ordinance. The information on the registers, if it is read alone, may not reveal the identity of any individual. However, if such information, e.g. the information on whether the purchaser is a related party to the vendor, is to be read in conjunction with the particulars of the purchaser as shown in the land search, it may be practicable for the identity of the purchaser to be indirectly ascertained.
  • Enquiry records - this includes personal data of members of the public who make enquiries to SRPA.
  • Complaint records - this includes personal data collected from the following categories of data subjects: complainants, the persons being complained and other persons that are relevant to the complaint.
  • Investigation records - this includes personal data on suspects, defendants and witnesses collected in the course of investigations under the Ordinance.
  • Other records - personal data provided to the SRPA from individuals for administration of the office functions and activities of the SRPA, seeking advice on policy matters, participating in promotional and training activities organised by the SRPA, etc.

Main Purposes for which Personal Data held by SRPA is to be used

In general terms, the SRPA uses personal data for one or more than one of the following purposes -

  • to exercise the powers and perform the functions under the Ordinance, including to administer the provisions of the Ordinance; and
  • other purposes as required or permitted by law.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Administration & Public Education Unit of the SRPA is designated as the SRPA’s Data and Access to Information Coordinator. He/She is responsible for supervising and ensuring compliance with PD(P)O.

Personal Data Access/Correction Request

Data Access Request

  • In person – by completing a DAR Form and deliver it to the office of the SRPA.
  • By Post – by completing a DAR Form and mail it to the office of the SRPA.


  • The SRPA may impose a fee for complying with a DAR.

Data Correction Request

  • After obtaining a copy of his or her own personal data or that of a person of whom he/she is acting on behalf, the data subject or a relevant person acting on behalf of a data subject, may, in accordance with PD(P)O, request in writing the correction of the personal data which is considered as inaccurate.

Collection of Information through this Website

The SRPA will record the number of visits to www.srpa.gov.hk without collecting any personal identifiable information of users.

www.srpa.gov.hk uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt data during network transmission. If online submission of personal data via www.srpa.gov.hk is required, the SRPA will specify the collection purpose, intended usage of your personal data and classes of transferee of the personal data. The provision of your personal data in such situation will be on a voluntary basis. The personal data so submitted will be encrypted with SSL protocol and access to your personal data is restricted to authorised personnel only.

Search Service

Search service on www.srpa.gov.hk is provided by an independent contractor of the SRPA. We are advised by the independent contractor that it does not collect personal identifiable information while serving search results through www.srpa.gov.hk. The independent contractor will share the anonymous data it collects through the search service with the SRPA for compiling traffic analysis on government websites. The SRPA will not match the data obtained from any such search activity with any personal data possibly held by the SRPA.


Enquiries relating to the personal data, or requests for access to or correction of the personal data, provided to the SRPA by you or a relevant person acting on behalf of a data subject, should be addressed in writing to –

Data and Access to Information Coordinator
Sales of First-Hand Residential Properties Authority
Unit E, 31/F, E-Trade Plaza
24 Lee Chung Street
Chai Wan, Hong Kong