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Experience Sharing

Buying First-hand Residential Property Study, Check and Think Carefully

The objective of the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance (the Ordinance) is to enhance the transparency and fairness in the sales of first-hand residential properties, with a view to enhancing consumer protection.

One of the functions of the Sales of Residential Properties Authority (SRPA) is to educate the public on matters relating to the Ordinance. The SRPA hereby shares with prospective purchasers of first-hand residential properties the experience of some purchasers in buying first-hand residential properties. The SRPA wishes that prospective purchasers of first-hand residential properties will have a deeper understanding of the Ordinance, know more about their rights and be smart consumers.

For more information on the Ordinance, please refer to the SRPA’s website(www.srpa.gov.hk)and publications published by the SRPA. For enquiries, please contact the SRPA(email:enquiry_srpa@hd.gov.hk).